Monday, December 15, 2008

.....Bumpers and Telephone Poles.....

.....(contiuned from last post) Kerry and I left the theater and were welcomed by three inches of snow. We jumped in the her car and headed toward my house. Before we turned off the first road we had rear-ended someone. Kerry decided she wanted to just head to her house and get her husband to drive me home in his car, that had winter tires. After exchanging info with the guy we hit, we got to her place and both proceeded to try and get a hold of our husbands who were at my parents house watching the hockey game together. Trev wasn't answering at home so I'd assumed he went to bed, but Kerry couldn't get her guy which was not normal. We kept assuring each other they were fine and not to think the worst. After awhile of no luck, I called my dad to come get me so Kerry could be rid of me. My dad and I were almost at my house when the cell phone rang and I figured Trev had woken up to see I had called. Bear in mind it had been about an hour since leaving the concert (about 10:45) and over an hour since Trev had left my parents house. He goes on to say he just got home and got the baby to bed.....and crashed the truck.
Another long story short, the brakes locked up and the truck slid into a telephone pole about 4km from my parents house. Kerry's husband had pulled over just after to help out and his car also slid down the hill and landed in the ditch. So both our hubby's were getting their cars pulled from the side of the road. I called her right away to let her know and she was going to do the same.
Amazingly and thankfully, there were no injuries. It was scary but the situation was mild, compared to what it could have been.
The truck doesn't look bad from these pictures, but we're thinking it's going to need a fair amount of repairs.

:: The bumper, grill, hood and light are all dislodged and loose ::

We felt much better by last night after finding out that both of my sister-in-laws had also been in accidents on Sunday. We are so grateful that God kept all of us safe.....Even though we don't know where the resources will come from to get everything put back together, I have got an overwhelming peace that we are going to be taken care of and that God will once again show Himself faithful and be our Jehovah Jirah, the Lord that provides.

I would also reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ that follow my blog, for their prayers. We've been hit pretty hard this week and I would humbly ask for your support in prayer! Thanks in advance and God Bless!


Amanda said...

Praise the Lord that Trev and Denay are safe! God had His hands over them that night! I will keep you and your family in my prayers! Love you.

Shawna said...

Yes, we will stand with you in prayer! Absolutely!

And we just didn't want you to be the only one in the "lime light" so we thought by getting into accidents ourselves that it would make you feel better...did it work ;)

Jason and Kristin said...

Glad that everyone is safe. We will keep you guys in our prayers!

Anita Klause said...

I will certainly keep you guys in my prayers that you are able to have more than enough to fix it up! Praise the Lord for his protection over you all... He is so good.