Tuesday, December 23, 2008

:: Piercings and Grandparents ::

As I'm sure is the same for all of you, things have been non-stop around here. But I think I can say with a fair amount of confidence that we are ready for Christmas.
I think everyone picked out the surprise in my last post, we got Denay's ears pierced. We'd wanted to do it for the longest time but I didn't have the guts, I hate watching her cry. My mom offered to do it for a Chrismas gift so I thought I was off the hook until my husband told me that if I wanted it done I had to stay with her, so I put it off.
My mom and I were grocery shopping and I mentioned the salon was across the street so over we went. As soon as we walked inside I got terrible butterflies and as soon as we got in the room I started to cry. My mom held her and they did one ear at a time and she cried for a minute or so after but was quickly distracted by the candycane the lady gave her. It was so not as bad as I thought it would be! She's just like her mommy, a trooper for pain.
:: She looks like such a little lady. I'm so glad we didn't wait any longer ::It was so nice this week to also welcome my grandparents into town from Ontario. My dad is an only child so we are their only grandkids and Denay this first and only great-grand daughter and they haven't seen her since she was two weeks old, so that was very special.
:: Oma trying to get Denay hooked on pickles. She loved them! ::

:: Don't worry folks, the can was empty. Sure made for a cute picture ::
Hope you're all having a happy Tuesday. Cheers!

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