Sunday, December 7, 2008

Days With An Angel

Just thought I would brighten up the blog with some updated pictures of dear wee girly. She is ALMOST laughing and talking more and more. She is also trying so hard to sit up and we're working with her to get lots of practise.
And it goes without that she has found her toes....Yummy.
:: "Denay, what does a doggy do??" ::
:: Happy as a clam with her daddy ::
:: It was my birthday last Wednesday and we had lunch with Oma ::
:: A little chocolate on the nose ::
:: Oma and her girl ::

Just catching up on a few things I've been meaning to blog about, including our first night away from the baby......but right now I'm still feeling a little rough from Trev's staff party (more on that later) so I'm off to do a some serious sleeping. Hope your weekend was full of holly-jolliness and lots of peace on earth.


Anita Klause said...

Denay is seriously one of the cutest baby girls ever! Jordan and I had our first night away from our boys in October, (17 months after Joseph was born!) although we usually get out for date nights pretty regularly. It's such a blessing when you have family close by to help with babysitting... they get to spent time with the babies, and you get to date again!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Christy! Denay is adorable! I love the pic with her toes in her mouth! So sweet.

Crystal said...

I agree with Amanda love the toes in the mouth:) She's quite flexible...gymnastics in her future?:)

Joanne said...

LOVE the toes pic! She's growing S
O fast...gotta get my cuddles in real soon!!

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday, Lovie! ( of the princess trumps everything else!!)

Shawna said...

She's seriously SO sweet and growing up way too fast!

Thanks for the picture update!

And good for you for leaving her overnight with Oma & Opa, I hope it was a great experience for you guys and them!

Stephenie Chester said...

Christy, Denay is the cutest baby ever! honestly she is adorable and you sound like a really wonderful mom too! Love reading your blog!