Monday, December 8, 2008

Partying Kal Tire Style 2008

This past weekend Trevor and I spent our first night away from Denay and attended his annual staff party at the Tigh-Na-Mara resort in Parksville. After a very tearful goodbye to my baby (sigh) we left around 3:00. We tried to get into the Grotto Spa for a couples massage to no avail so we rented a movie to kill a little time. We made our way to dinner just after 6:00 and the party began!
:: One Cosmo down :::: Trev's co-worker and his girlfriend ::
:: Trevor's co-worker and his wife ::
:: Trev's boss ::
:: And his assistant manager ::
:: These are apparently the "big-wigs" of the company ::
:: Trevor and Bruce ripping up the dance floor ::
:: And again ::
:: He saved a dance for his dear boss ::
:: That's my "Yeah, he's with me" face ::
:: Bruce performing a hat dance ::
:: Self Portrait ::
:: Third Cosmo down ::
:: "Na na na na, na na na, Ken's gonna start a fight!" ::
:: I have no clue who the dude in the background is ::
:: Having a great time ::
:: Bruce is, uh.......I have no idea. Don't want to know ::
:: This is's a whole wall made of gingerbread. I should have taken a bigger picture but it covers two full walls of the banquet hall ::
Trev and I had a really great time, minus being awoken at 3:00am by an intoxicated individual claiming he was the police slamming on our door.
Denay did so well for Oma and Opa! They are already asking when she can spend the night again. Thanks Mom's such a blessing to have you so close and we are grateful for all your help!


Amanda said...

Looks like you are Trev had a really fun time! Maybe a little too fun? Haha! Just kidding! It is nice to be able to get away for an evening but over night?! You must have loved it! Take your mom up on her offer and leave Denay again, even if you 2 just stay home together!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a blast!!

Shawna said...

What fun! You guys have always had a great time at the staff parties, what a blessing that they treat you so well!