Monday, December 8, 2008

::It's Beginning To Look.....Colorful ::

Well people, there is no denying it.....Christmas is on it's way. I have to say that now having my own house to decorate, I enjoy this time of year even more.
The whole Christmas light thing was a but pulling-teethish because I wanted to do something better than last year, which of course meant work for Trev. But the first night he drove up after putting the lights up HE decided it needed more.
So here we are, Saturday morning, on the roof, putting up more lights.
:: In all my glory, on the roof of my house.....haven't brushed my teeth OR washed my face OR put on deoderant. What you can't see is my lulu's stuffed into my black and white rainboots and my oh-so-flattering grey highschool hoodie. Look up "sexy" in the dictionary people, this is what you will find ::
:: The final work of art ::
I might add that it is VERY difficult with my simple camera to take pictures outside, in the dark, of lights. But you get the idea.
It's SO pretty. And because I am slightly OCD and a very serious practising perfectionist I had to take every light out of it's original spot and arrange the colors in my own special pattern.
If there was a "Grinch to Santa Claus" scale of Christmasiness we would be the only people in our complex at one seems to be into the light thing.
But it's all good......just means we stand out more :)


Shawna said...

Beautiful and very warm & homey!

Amanda said...

Good work! We haven't gotten lights up yet...ever....since we've been married..... I hope we get a chance to get them up this year. By the time we do Christmas will be over! haha!

Chris said...

Looks like someone has the Christmas bug!

Jason and Kristin said...

So fun! It looks great...we haven't gotten lights up yet either! Better get on it...