Friday, December 12, 2008

:: The Perfect One ::

With Christmas approaching, and this one being Denay's first, I've been feeling the pressure to really do it well this year. A couple years ago Trev and I bought a small, cheap, fake tree from Canadian Tire. It was up the first year, didn't bother with it last year, and got it out this year and was reminded of how ugly and spindly it looked. So I told Trev we needed another one. So the hunt was on......and after buying and returning two expensive, yet somehow still ugly, fake trees, I finally convinced him yesterday to buy a real one. Now, this may not be a big deal for your average person, but, I have never had a real Christmas tree as long as I've lived. From as early as I can remember my folks had an artificial tree, and being a girl who loves the outdoors, the thought of having a real tree in my house was exciting. So while visiting our poor Elmo boy in the kitty hospital (more on that coming up), I found a great vendor selling local, fresh-cut trees. Denay and I met dad at the lot yesterday and picked the perfect tree. It is so beautiful. I also pillaged a couple local stores of their half-off Christmas decor and managed to make the house look pretty great and saved a bundle. So when the tree is done I'll be sure to give ya'll a peek of our home-for-the-holidays!
:: Daddy and Denay with her first Christmas tree ::


Jason and Kristin said...

That's awesome! Can't wait to see what it looks like! I've never had a real tree, either, unfortunately I'm allergic, but I love the way they look! Your little girl is absolutely beautiful!!!!

Joanne said...

So excited to see your wee home decorated for Christmas!

Anita Klause said...

Yes, do show us a photo of how you decorate it! I like to see what other people do with their trees. I am the opposite of you because I always grew up with a real tree... but since being married we've been using an artificial! (a really nice and full one that Jordans parents gave us) Anyway, this year it came to my attention that our realtor gives us a free one each year... so next year I plan to pick up a live one too! They just smell so good :)