Monday, December 1, 2008

No Sir, I Do Not Live With A Monkey

So....there I was at Superstore, crossing my fingers that they might have some really ripe banana on sale so I could make banana bread. And sure enough, the employee was packing them in bags on sale for 50% off. So I grabbed a couple not realizing how many bananas were in each. Hehe.
And I get home and unload and realize I've come home with almost 30 bananas.....or about enough for 10 loaves. Sooo....needless to say I will be doing just a little baking in the next few days. And the reason for the tomato in the bag of bananas, the clerk at the store said this would ripen them overnight. Time will tell.....
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susan said...

Hey Christy,
Have you tried the rice cereal yet? The first couple times I make it really liquidy and Isabelle spit most of it out but eventually she got the hang of it. I also mixed it with formula so (in my mind) it was a bit of a familiar taste to her. The stuff I use can be mixed with water, formula or breast milk. (I use Heinz)
Good luck, I am sure Denay will love it. We moved on to Oatmeal today and it was a hit!! Isabelle is 5 months tomorrow, it seemed early to me to introduce her to food but she doesn't seem to mind at all!
Have fun!!