Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Number Eight

Today our Princess turns eight months old!
It seems like everyday she changes and either does something new or gets better at something else.
:: Trev took these pictures on Saturday at our friends wedding. Pastor Shane forgot that Denay had sucked on the microphone until he went to make and announcement and was up front wiping drool off his face. *Smile* ::
I took these yesterday of Denay "helping" mommy doing some organization. Her way of doing that is knocking everything over and pulling all of the folded, sorted clothes out of the storage bin and dropping them on the floor. (click to enlarge)
Here's where our baby girl is at today......
- I had her weighed last week and she is 13 pounds 12 ounces, only six ounces away from doubling her birth weight!
-Eating homemade baby food mixed with baby cereal and a bottle at every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
-still has no teeth and no sign of them coming in either
-we've stared giving her minced meat and shredded cheese and rice puff snacks to get her used to chewing her food
-sleeps 8:00-7:00ish with two naps in the day
-is starting to figure how to put her rice puff snacks in her mouth on her own (this momma cried yesterday when she did it the first time)
-crawling, pulling herself to standing, sitting up (in the tub too), sits on her knees, and is beginning to furniture walk
-no words yet and no signing yet
-she loves her blankey
-she still fits nicely into her 0-3 month clothes. I've got friends with four month olds who are passing their clothes along. I like having a tiny baby :)
-loves crawling around and exploring, hanging out in her high chair and exersaucer. We've had quite a few "bonks" in the last few days but she needs a little cuddle and is off again. Tough girl like mamma
-will take attention from anyone! She loves going to Walmart for groceries because of all the people constantly wanting to say hi

I could go on forever. It's overwhelming to look back and realize how much she has changed in a short period of time. She's really coming into her own and becoming a little girl. I can't wait until she starts walking and the weather gets warmer so I can take her outside!

Anyways, I'm off to start work on a fun little project I will let you in on soon!


Crystal said...

so sweet, and so little!! Way to make good use of her clothes though, that must help!!

Jason and Kristin said...

I can't believe how tiny she is still!!! She is so cute! Happy 8 months!

The Samy's said...

wow! such a tiny princess! Thats so exciting seeing them develop their own personalities. Look forward to many more pictures of your sweetie pie!

Joanne said...

Just love our dear, wee princess....she may be tiny, but she's mighty in our hearts!

susan said...

she is pure sweetness!