Thursday, March 5, 2009

:: Christy's Critique ::

I just realized I missed my critique post for last week!
It actually took me a while to decide on something to write about, but I settled on this.....
The Product - Coby 7 inch digital picture frame
The Review - This was a Christmas gift from my husband. My MIL has one and it wasn't until I saw an ad for one half-off (we got it for $50) at Canadian Tire that I thought it might be kind of neat. I got a pretty good deal on a couple memory cards in the states and it was super easy to upload the photos then I just had to pop the card into the frame and bada-bing bada-boom, we're up and running. There are two settings for the picture so you can fit-to-frame or display at it's normal size. I prefer (even though some pictures look a little stretched) the fit-to-frame setting so the picture fills the whole space. I have no idea what the resolution is but it's really clear and the color is great! It's got lots of different settings and options to play with and is very user-friendly.
The Recommendation - Buy one! I'm so pleased with mine. For someone like me (who has way too many awesome pictures to choose from) it's a great option to keep things fresh and changed. It's also nice to have pictures of friends displayed that you wouldn't necessarily print and put in it's own frame on your wall. One thing I would say is invest in a large GB memory card. I've got two GB worth of photos in the frame now but it still feels like I'm seeing the same pictures over and over. It's just one small cord that plugs into the wall so it's very clean and it has a stem for sitting on a shelf or hardware to hang on the wall. I just love mine and for the price and the purpose it serves, it's well worth the (little) money we spent!
Christy's Critique - Four and a half out of Five Stars

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