Sunday, March 29, 2009

Denay's Dance Debut

I mentioned in my last post that Denay and I were able to take part in a dance this weekend. They liked it so much they asked us last minute to perform the dance again for both church services this morning. Please excuse the onslaught of pictures.......a certain special Grammie and Grampie weren't able to be here.
This first collage is of the performance at the fundraiser on Saturday night.
These next few are of the two Sunday morning dances.I'm trying to hard to figure out (as I write) how to upload the video that we took. You can see in the pictures, there is a part in the dance that I hold Denay up high, swoop her to the other side and then spin in a circle. Each time she would kick her legs and flair her arms and smile so big at me and the whole congregation just loved it. They were laughing and clapping and Denay couldn't get enough. All the dancers had numerous people come up to them in tears, thanking us and saying how touched they were. I think it gave people a really good visual of the relationship that God wants with us. Hearing everyone clap and laugh during the last performance got me all teared up.......Oh I will try SO hard to upload it!
Until next time!


Anita said...

How sweet is that! I love that you guys chose to include your babies in it... hopefully you're able to get the video up too :) Blessings to you!

Joanne said...

Oh, m' dear and sweet. What a special time for you and the princess...wished I could have been there!! Such a joy to see pics of our princess dancing before the Lord...makes a Grammie cry.

Nadine said...

This is an awesome idea!!! As a trained dancer, this just blesses my heart. I love seeing all ages being involved in dance, especially in the church! Hopefully, this will be something that you and Denay can do for a long time.
Just precious! :-)

Crystal said...

I love it!! So precious:)