Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh, The Babies

I know I've mentioned before the mass amount of babies we are surrounded with. It's beyond a blessing to be able to spend time with other mommies and not only forge Christ-centered relationships with them but foster future friendship for our children. We've made it tradition over the past few months to get together at the local pool every Thursday and we always have a great time. My good friend Becca just had her second baby a few weeks ago so she took pictures while her sister and I shared holding her oldest, Michal, in the pool. And I checked this time, you CAN actually click and enlarge the photos! Also, these pictures are post haircut. I guess I needed to be more clear that I didn't butcher her hair as much I cut it a lot shorter than I was planning. It actually kind of looks like a cute pixie cut and I'm hoping it will grow back nice and thick and even.

Notice Denay in the lower middle photo above, she was not to pleased to be out of the sight of mamma.

These ones are my favourite! The little gal on the left is the daughter of a girl I graduated highschool with have have recently reconnected with. The lone boy is Max, and his cousin Michal and Denay on the end.

Late Saturday night Trev and I drove out to Crofton for our friend Daniel's birthday party. Just before we had to leave, we propped all the babies up on the couch for a picture! We've got Evolette (born in February), Adaiah (born early December), Denay (July), Michal (Evolette's sister, born June of 2007) and Max (Evolette and Michal's cousin, born October of 2007)

The only friend missing is Nat's girly Abigail!
It is SO much fun with all these babies around. And there are still six more coming before the end of the summer in our group of friends. I can't wait to see 20 years from now what this generation will be doing in the world for Christ!


Ben and Kare said...

How PRETTY is your little girl!! I love her little swimsuit, and what a fun thing to have so many friends with kids around! Praying the same thing happens on this side of the world 'one day'... x

Joanne said...

OH, all the kidlets are just so cute! And that wee princess....what a dollie and you're right her hair just looks like a short pixie cut...or like all the other babes with an average amount of hair!

Laura said...

Christy, your Denay looks as sweet as ever! With the shorter hair, I can see more of her Daddy in her!! :) Looks like you all have so much fun, what a blessing to have all these friends in your life.