Saturday, March 28, 2009

:: This Week In News ::

This week has been rather eventful for us.
First off, on Wednesday afternoon I had a meeting with my boss to discuss my coming back to work. After much prayer and thought I knew before going in that I wouldn't be willing to work full-time. I was very anxious going in....I've always had a fear of making big decisions because then I am to blame for any consequences of that choice. I'd spent so much time praying for guidance and God's path, but wasn't getting any sort of answer. Then I had a very good chat with a dear friend who reassured me that God will have His way.
Long story short, I told my boss I really felt I couldn't work full-time and she let me know that they wouldn't be able to hire me back part-time. So, the big news is that I am officially a SAHM. Even though it's not the outcome I was kind of hoping for (I liked the idea of one or two days a week) now, a couple days later, I feel so strongly that this is best and I'm excited. It does bring up the issue of learning to live off of one paycheck but I'm confident and trusting that the Lord is our Jehovah Jirah (God Our Provider) and that he will carry our family through.
In other news......a few weeks ago, after selling almost all our motorcycle gear, we ordered ourselves a new camera and yesterday my mom phoned to say it was in. So today we drove down to pick it up and I can't stop playing! Because my parent's are part of a home club, we got it for $150 less than retail.
It's a Canon Rebel XSi and I am in love.
I've been soaking up all the photography tutorials I can get but I'm trying to be patient with my perfectionist-self and really take some time to play and learn.
On another note Denay had her very first performance as a dancer tonight. For the past few years my church has been hosting a evening of entertainment and dessert to raise money for different organizations around town. I've been part of a dance ministry team at church for three years now and last year around this time, we choreographed and piece for that event that I danced while seven months pregnant. This year, since we were raising money for women's shelters and teenage mothers, the team leader, Liz, asked if I would be interested in a doing a piece with Denay, her four month old and a couple of our pregnant friends. So that's what we did. Two babies, two expecting moms and two teenage girls all together.......I just got a call from one of the girls and they want us to do it again twice tomorrow for each church service. It was so much fun! And the two babies were wonderful. We had so many people touched by it. It's the first piece I've been in since the event last year and I sure missed it!
I hope you all had amazing weeks and may you be blessed in the coming one!


Shawna said...

Oh, I wish I were there to see you dance and take pictures with your new fancy schmancy camera!!!!


Anita said...

Ooo, good for you for getting yourself a new TOY! It seems we buy so many for our young ones and forget about ourselves ;) I look forward to seeing some of your photographs as you play around. I want to get a nice SLR someday... but need to save up for it first.

Laura said...

Congrats on the new SAHM status! Christy, I think this is so awesome that you are able to do this, and yes, God will provide!

The Samy's said...

Congrats at being a SAHM!!! How exciting it is. You will do great and I am sure little someone will be very pleased to have you at home.

susan said...

That is exciting that you get to stay home with your wee babe. Christy, your faith is inspirational! It is hard to give up control (talkin' to myself here!) especially when it comes to finances but we have to trust that God will provide, perhaps not how WE think HE should but He will provide.
Just like hoping you could work part time but it not working out that way...God has a plan for you, Trevor & Denay.

By the way...lovin' your camera, I have to admit I have a wee bit of envy!! :-)