Monday, March 30, 2009

:: Post Number 7,386 In Three Days ::

You're overwhelmed with blog posts, I get it........I've been letting Blogger try to upload my video of the dance for 12 hours now, here's hoping.
Just thought some of Denay's family across the sea might like to see some up-close shots of the babe. These are a couple of my favourites I took with our new toy!
:: I really, really want that black thing mommy ::
:: This is the face Denay makes when she hears the door open and close or daddy's voice when he gets in from work. And just last week I was feeding her and an ambulance went by and she froze, with this look on her face and kept looking from me to the front window until it stopped. Priceless! ::
:: My uber-favourite. This was kind of a whoopsie actually ::
Happy Monday Ya'll!
Hope you're able to get those windows open and let the outside in a little today! I sure am!


susan said...

She is so beautiful & her eyes are just huge! I love that last one, adorable!!!

Crystal said...

wow, you can really see a difference in the quality of picks with your camera:)!

Joanne said...

Oh, I think that new camera of yours is as much a gift for us as it is for you! Great shots....keep 'em comin'!